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We recognize that bringing families to public places raises concerns for the health and safety of everyone.
We have put together a plan, per CDC guidelines, to ensure everyone's safety and well-being. Sanitation, social distancing, and employee training are key factors in keeping everyone safe.

1640 Hammond Street, Bangor, ME 04401    (207) 848-5850



Pool at the Sports Arena


Challenge your friends or practice your bank shots!

Our billiard room is full of tables, so you won't be stuck waiting for a turn. Win or lose, you'll have a blast testing your skill with some friendly competition!

Play with just a couple of friends or make it a real party with our all day pricing!



Thursday - Sunday - $12 per hour per table

Sunday - $25 per table for ALL DAY Play!

Sunday Pool Special

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 1640 Hammond Street
Bangor, ME